Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vendor Review: Knitting-Warehouse

Who likes to save money? I sure do, and these days, who can afford not saving money? If you find yourself struggling to justify your knitting (and other craft) expenses, this article is for you. In a quest to save money on a large yarn purchase I was planning, I discovered Knitting-Warehouse. I was very pleasantly surprised. 

To say that I bought a lot of yarn in 2008 is accurate. Most of my online yarn purchases were made through Knitting-Warehouse. Their website is simple, without the bells and whistles that others use to get our attention. They aren't, by any means, a closeout site -- KW has a variety of yarn in all price ranges. Though they say they cannot match dyelots 100% of the time, I haven't ever received a shipment from them with mis-matched lots. 

In addition to yarn, they also have a great selection of needles, totes, books, and other accessories. While I've successfully steered clear from their book section, I have purchased bamboo needles and a tote from them. Both were great quality and low priced. I have never had any issues with orders/shipments from Knitting-Warehouse.

Shipping charges are very fair, and orders seem to ship within one business day. Overall, this website is tried and true (for me), and I will continue to shop with them again and again. 8 out of 10 (I'd like to see their selection expand).